Life is full of difficulties. Everyone will encounter different kinds of challenges. When we are in adversity, how many of us could be courageous and show great perseverance in the face of difficulties to make great achievements? Today (August 7), the Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) hold the Award Presentation Ceremony for the 2nd “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” cum 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Gathering at the Auditorium, 1/F, The Main Clinical Block and Trauma Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital. During the event, the seven awardees of the 2nd “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” tell all of us with their own experience that if we can be perseverant, everyone can realize our dreams even though we are in face of difficulties. During the ceremony, Mr. John Tsang Chun Wah, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR was invited to be the award presenter to present the awards to the seven perseverant Outstanding little life warriors. At the ceremony, the Financial Secretary congratulated the seven awardees. He also delivered a speech to appreciate the work LLWS is doing for children with cancer. In addition. He encouraged all the participants to keep hope and faith in their life journey to face adversity with a positive and active attitude so that they can live out an extraordianry and brilliant life.


Chan Man Hing Peace was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she was 12. After a series of treatment, she recovered finally but had a relapse after five years (the recovery stage of cancer) and had to receive treatment again. After two years, she had a relapse again and this time, her right leg had to be cut off. After four years, Peace was diagnosed with malignant tumor again and had to receive brain surgery. Her doctor even said that she could only 2 more years. Fortunately, she revived again very soon and decided to live a life of full. At that time, she tried sailing through participating in the activities of an organization. She found that sailing is exciting so she joined a training team to receive systematic training. Due to her excellent performance, she represented Hong Kong in Sailing at the Asian Para Games in 2014. Although she did not get a prize, her horizon was broadened. “I saw many other athletics with poorer condition in other places. Yet they can still try to use different methods to overcome their physical disability. This surprised me a lot. I still remember an athletic who lost both of his leg use his knee to walk. I really admire him,” said Peace. After the competiton, Peace not only met a group of new friends, she also understood that she could exhibit her potential to try more new things. Therefore, she did everything she wanted to do and tried everything she wanted to and continued to master the skills of sailing. In addition, she also participated in different kinds of voluntary service, hoping to give back to the society. Now, Peace wants to live a good life every day so that everyday will be brilliant and meaningful for her.


Another awardee, Siu Hoi Yan’s eyeballs were taken away when she was 3-month old due to retinoblastoma disease (eye cancer). Although she cannot see when she was very small, she is positive and optimistic and never gives up. Hoi Yan’s father retired earlier for the sake of taking care of her, which become the greatest support in her life. As Hoi Yan cannot see, she needs to pay more effort than the others no matter in academic or other areas. However, her eagerness for life and good memory help her overcome all the difficulties and she can finally be promoted to university to study music-related subject. Hoi Yan is born gifted in music and her singing talent is comparative to world renowned opera singer. She loves singing various kinds of songs. “I want to share happiness to others through music and deliver positive energy to more people in the society so that my life can affect many other lives,” said Hoi Yan. Hoi Yan often participates in different music competition and performances and she has won many prizes. In order to help more visually impaired people, she also participates in voluntary and charity services actively and was awarded the “Hong Kong Outstanding Volunteer” in 2013. Music is Hoi Yan’s life. One day, she dreams of running a music school for visually impaired people to let them show their potential. Getting the Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award also make Hoi Yan face the difficulties in her life with a more positive attitude.


The 2nd “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” is organized by the Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) for people who have had cancers, severe blood diseases or bone marrow transplants during their childhood and who have made great achievements afterwards. The objectives of the Award are to recognize their outstanding achievements and perseverance in spite of their suffering from severe diseases and to enable them to serve as role models for other children in similar situations to be positive, to excel and to give back to society. LLWS held the 1st “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” in 2015 and 19 Outstanding Little Life Warriors from the Prince of Wales Hospital were selected. This year, LLWS hold the 2nd “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” and extend the eligibility of nominees to patients or survivors from the other four hospitals which have also set up the paediatric oncology and haematology, i.e. Princess Margaret Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital. The election of the 2nd “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” was completed in July this year. There are a total of 7 awardees.

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Peace represented Hong Kong in Sailing at the Asian Para Games in 2014.

HK Phil_Keith Hiro(2)

Hoi Yan was awarded the Champion at a music competition in 2011.


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