Christmas is coming! LLWS has already celebrated the festive season with our little warriors in Hong Kong and our Mainland partners are also going to organise various activities. Of the 11 Mainland LLWSs, Kunming LLWS will hold its Gathering Party tomorrow and there will even be a live broadcast of the show. You may browse the link below to watch the show: (Chinese version ONLY)

Kunming LLWS said, “the 7th Annual Party will be held at 2pm this Saturday (23 December) and we would like to thank a lot of parties for their great contribution and support in our show. The 30 selected programmes with high quality last for around 3 hours. In order to allow little warriors who are not in Kunming or need to stay at the hospital to watch the show, we will have a live broadcast via wechat and computer. Let’s have a great day together!”

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