This year, 5 Outstanding Little Life Warriors were elected as bellows:

  Name Introduction Hospital that they are under
1 Kwan Siu Yin Marvin Diagnosed with brain tumour at the age of 13, Marvin received a series of difficult treatment. After recovery, he kept on being studious and was fully devoted to his life. As a model student in school, Marvin was later admitted to The City University of Hong Kong and completed the Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Honours. Marvin now works in the architecture field and he plans to study the Master of Architecture to continue his road of digging into knowledge. Queen Mary Hospital
2 Wong Ho Yan Mary Mary was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at 9 and suffered from several cancers with her right lung excised during one of the episodes. Yet she never regrets and continues to live a pleasant life with an optimistic and positive attitude. She also never fears discrimination from strangers. After recovery, Mary continued with her study and completed the Bachelor of Architecture in The University of Hong Kong. She is now an interior designer. Queen Mary Hospital
3 Lo Oi Shan Angeline Angeline was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma at the age of 11 and had to receive brain surgery and chemotherapy. She determined to be a good doctor after recovery. However, her road was never smooth. Although she obtained 7A’s and 1B in HKCEE, her results in HKALE were not good enough so she was admitted to Journalism at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the next year, she finally succeeded in transferring to the medical department. Now, she has already become a specialist in gastroenterology and hepatology in a teaching hospital. In addition to having medical consultation, she also takes up teaching duty. Queen Mary Hospital
4 Ho Wai Hong Stanley Stanley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 12. He never grumbles and insists to study hard after recovery. Graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with major in History, Stanley worked as an officer and education officer at the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions respectively. He even served as the director of The KMB Staff Union, Citybus Limited Employees Union and Union of Hong Kong Dockers. Stanley is devoted and dedicated to serving the workers’ sector to fight for the wellbeing of labour in Hong Kong. Prince of Wales Hospital
5 Chow Wang Kei Diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 12, Chow suffered from significant leg length discrepancy after recovery. Moreover, he could not bend his left leg and had to walk with crutches. However, Chow didn’t give up. He started learning swimming afterwards and became a member of the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled. Having taken part in numerous international swimming competitions, Chow has made excellent results and is the Hong Kong record holder for several swimming items. He was elected as the “Outstanding Athlete” in the swimming item by the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled in 2004 and the “Kappa Outstanding Athlete 2016” in the swimming item by the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled in 2016. Queen Mary Hospital


In addition, the Judging Panel also selected 6 participants who showed excellent performance to be the Excellent Little Life Warriors. The awardees are:


Lai Hoi Lam

Mak Ka Yan

Lam Sio Fan

Cheung Tak Kit

Lam Sze Man

Au Ho Wa


Congratulation to all the awardees! Wish that you can continue to be brave and move forward in your life to create more outstanding achievements!

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