Little Life Warriors (LLWs) were united in Hong Kong in July.
The 2nd China and Hong Kong Childhood Cancer Exchange Camp – LLWs United in Hong Kong was held from 15th to 18th July in City University of Hong Kong successfully. We were grad to welcome over 80 LLWs, parents, and medical staff from 7 regions of China to share and laugh together. During the 4-day camp, we have visited the Disneyland, organized workshops, medical exchanges, and charity dinner.
Playing is the right of LLW. The LLW from China have joint the Welcomed Party with Hong Kong LLW in the first evening in Hong Kong. As hosts, Dr. Li Chi Kong, our Honorary Consultant, and Chief of Service, Dept of Paediatics, Coordinator (Clinical Service) in Prince of Wales Hospital, Dr. Shing Ming Kong, our Honorary Chairman welcomed the LLW from Mainland. The LLW have forgotten the tiredness in the journey, and fully participated in the party games. On the second day, 100 campers have visited Disneyland to enjoy a fantastic day. We have to give our sincere thanks to Disneyland for donating 100 sets of free tickets with meal coupons. Meanwhile, we have to thank the good weather as the typhoon was by passed Hong Kong on that day. On the third day, the busiest day, all the medical staff has met in Prince of Wales Hospital for a medical exchange seminar in the morning, while the LLWs and the parents have participated in the workshops for sharing the experience in services and the needs of each Little Life Warrior Society(LLWS). In the afternoon, 111 Hong Kong LLWS members participated in the Annual General Meeting. The annual report was presented by the board and new board directors were also elected.
In the evening, the presence of Mr. Anthony Wu, Chairman of Hospital Authority, our Honorary Patron; Dr. Fung Kong, Cluster Chief Executive (New Territories East) Hospital Authority; Prof. Fok Tai Fai, Dean of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr. Li Chi Kong, our Honorary Consultants, and Prof. Shen Bo Jun, Consultant of Shandong University Qilu Children’s Hospital; Prof. Fu Ren Yi, The Second West China University Hospital, Sichuan University, the Leading Authorities in Mainland, in the “China-HK Cancer Children Sharing” Fundraising Dinner has pushed the spirit of the camp to its climax. Mr. Wu, representing Hong Kong LLWS, delivered flags to 7 Mainland LLWS, to celebrate their establishment. He also appealed the society to support the LLWs in fighting the battle of cancer. About 240 LLWs, parents, medical staff, and guests shared the foods as a big family. During the banquet, the LLWs even delivered performances, shown their shining vitality. About one hundred and fifty thousand million was raised, and the fund will be used to support the 8 LLWS and subsidize partial medical fees for the cancer children.
The wonderful camp has finished, it has embodied the family sentiment within the LLWs, and witnessed the hard working of the working committee. We look forward to the reunion in the next exchange camp!

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