Special Fundraising Appeal – Lam Ching Kit

Let’s give support LAM Ching-kit, one of our life warriors.

LAM Ching-kit was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 11. As a survivor, Ching-kit volunteered for Little Life Warrior to visit, comfort, and encourage sick children and their families. He also attended the International Conference of Childhood Cancer Parents held in Oslo, Norway in 2004 on behalf of the Society. He has been very supportive to the Society’s work and took part in a lot of our services. He was also a leader of the youth group. In 2008, he completed a diploma in elderly services, intending to take a degree course to become a social worker in the future to help people in need. However, cancer relapsed. Ching-kit underwent a series of treatment, but the treatment was not effective. He did not give up, and continued to seek treatments from various channels with the hope to continue to fight cancer.

Understanding thoroughly his family’s financial condition, Ching-kit worked part-time intermittently to try to lessen the financial burden. Ching-kit is very grateful for the support from his family and his girlfriend as they have given him full support, both financial and emotional.

Knowing his life is coming to an end, Ching-kit wishes to undergo some soothing therapies to relief the pain, to take supplements to sustain his health for basic mobility, and more importantly, to be able to live with dignity during the remaining days.

All donations received will be donated to Ching-kit without any deduction, please indicate “Lam Ching Kit” on the donation form. The donation form is available athere.

News about Lam Ching Kit – click here

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