HKET reported today that Hospital Authority (HA) has announced the latest data of new cases of cancer in Hong Kong. It is found that the number of cancer children rises dramatically. In 2013, there were 234 new cases of cancer in children and adolescents, which is 20% more than the past year. Of the cases, new cases of cancer below 4 years old and within 10 to 14 years old shows a 50% increase annually and the most common type of cancer diagnosed are ALL and brain tumor. The reason for children cancer is uncertain. The rising number of cancer children in Hong Kong may be associated with the increasing number of cancer children who come to Hong Kong to seek medical treatment from other places. Dr. Li Chi Kong, Consultant from Prince of Wales Hospital thought that the number of new cases of cancer in children and adolescents in coming 10 years would be similar to recent years. The Hong Kong Children’s Hospital can cope with the cases. Therefore, parents need not worry too much.

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