The “Patients Sharing Session – Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumors” was completed on 9 January 2016 at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Our sincere gratitude goes to all the participants, the two survivors and the parent who shared their past experience with us, as well as the three doctors who came to deliver medical talks. They are Dr. Zhu Xian-lun, Neurosurgery Specialist of Prince of Wales Hospital, Dr. Law Chi-ching, Associate Consultant of Clinical Oncology of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Dr. Shing Ming Kong, Consultant of Prince of Wales Hospital.

If you are interested in reading the notes provided by the doctors during the sharing session, you may download it from the following link:

Dr. Zhu Xian-lun: Treatment of Brain Tumors

Dr. Shing Ming Kong: Treatment of Children Brain Tumors

Dr. Law Chi-ching: Surgical Treatment of Brain Tumors

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