{Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award Presentation}
(Hong Kong, 26 Oct 2019) The Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) organised the 4th “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” Presentation and “Little Warriors’ Carers Award Ceremony” at the Auditorium, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital today to celebrate the courage and resilience of five awardees – Sean Glass, Ho Suet Hei, Lam Tsz Huen, Leung Chung Kuen and Yu Chui Yee (Please refer to the awardees’ details in Chinese).

Targeting at people who had cancer, severe blood diseases or bone marrow transplant during their childhood, LLWS initiated the “Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award” in 2015 with the aim to recognise the outstanding achievements of the awardees, encourage them to serve as role models for other children in similar situations and to raise public awareness of child patients. This year, 5 patients have been chosen to receive the award. They all had severe diseases during their childhood but they managed to overcome the challenges and achieve outstanding results in various aspects. Two awardees have taken part in international fencing competitions and have outstanding achievements. One awardee has taken part in international badminton competitions and have good results. Another awardee become a camp manager of Hong Kong PHAB Association, strived at promoting integration for persons with and without disabilities; the other awardee has been working at education sector and tries to give back to the community.

Attending the ceremony as the award presenter, Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Food and Health, HKSAR congratulated all the awardees and said that the Award was a big encouragement to them. Other VIPs attending the ceremony included Professor Wu Ting Yuk Anthony, National Standing Committee Member, The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Honorary Patron of LLWS; Dr Lee Tsz-Leung, Hospital Chief Executive, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital; Dr. Chui Ka Ho Jackie, Associate Consultant, Department of Paediatrics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Dr. Lee So Lun, Chief of Service, Department of Paediatrics, Queen Mary Hospital and Dr. Ku Tak Loi Dennis, Chairman, Hong Kong Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Study Group.

“LLWS holds the ‘Outstanding Little Life Warriors Award’ in order to encourage hospitalised child patients and survivors to face their difficulties with a positive mind and perseverance so as to live a brilliant life,” said Ms. Chan Wai Yee Ois, Chairperson of LLWS. “With the opening of the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (HKCH), the management of child cancer patients will be centralised. The merger of the five organisations has been completed in late March 2019. We expect that the resources would be centralised in good use and able to deliver well planned services to little warriors and their families efficiently.”

In addition to Outstanding Little Life Warriors, LLWS also presented awards to four Excellent Little Life Warriors who have not been awarded the “Outstanding Award” but have shown excellent performances. The four awardees are Samuel Au Yeung, Deng Ka Ching, Tsoi Sze Sen and Yung Yan Yi.

Besides, we introduce a new award for carers – “Little Warriors’ Carers Award”. It aims at commending those who have been taking care of child cancer patients. They give unconditionally and offered their love and care to these children while they were sick. This year we commend two parents of little warriors, one medical professional and a domestic helper of a child patient.

For more information, please refer to the Chinese Version.


01 02 03

01) 出席活動的嘉賓與五位傑出小戰士、兩位優秀小戰士及四位愛心關顧者合照。
02) 所有出席嘉賓及得獎人,與生命小戰士會會員在活動後大合照。
03) 是次活動幾位致辭嘉賓:生命小戰士會主席陳慧兒、食物及衞生局局長陳肇始教授、生命小戰士會名譽贊助人胡定旭教授及香港兒童醫院行政總監李子良醫生。

04 05 06

04) 食物及衞生局局長陳肇始教授頒發獎狀及禮品給五位傑出小戰士,包括(左起)梁仲權、余翠怡、林芷煖、何雪熙、及陳曦。
05) 香港兒童醫院行政總監李子良醫生頒發獎狀及禮品給兩位優秀小戰士,包括(左起)翁欣怡及鄧嘉晴,其餘兩位優秀小戰士歐陽尚彝及蔡司晨因事未能出席。
06) 幾位愛心關顧者分享如何以積極樂觀去照顧小戰士,場面感人。

07 08 09

07) 陳肇始教授與一眾選舉評鑑、活動籌委及本會的董事合照。
08) 是次評審、瑪麗醫院兒童及青少年科學系部門主管李素輪醫生與本會名譽主席成明光醫生及本會董事兼選舉籌委馬志強博士合照。
09) 香港法拉利會的Mr Jackson Lam向傑出小戰士陳曦(前左一)道賀。

10 11 12

10) 傑出小戰士何雪熙(右)與家人。
11) 傑出小戰士林芷煖(中)與殘奧會的代表Mr Cone Tang及Ms Lilian Ip 聚首。
12) 傑出小戰士梁仲權(右)與家人。

13 14 15

13) 傑出小戰士余翠怡(右二)與家人及成明光醫生詳談近況。
14) 優秀小戰士鄧嘉晴(左一)與媽媽。
15) 優秀小戰士翁欣怡(左一)與媽媽。

16 17 18

16) 愛心關顧者陳靜怡女士與家人分享得獎喜悅。
17) 愛心關顧者張燕萍女士與兒子浩軒,燕萍得獎之餘不忘感謝醫護及各機構的幫助。
18) 本會主席陳慧兒女士與嘉賓Ms Jackaline Chow 及 Ms Anita Lai 一起聚首交流。

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