Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is an annual charity campaign jointly organized by South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong. Our works has been recognized and we are funded to carry out the project “Growning Stronger, Going Further”. The first fund disbursement was $746,689.

The 2nd disbursement, which is $397,620, is ready to collect.
Fund Disbursement Letter from OSC
Thank You Letter to OSC

Out-line of the Project:
1. General Activities
A. Visit Group
B. Little Life Warrior Choir
C. Youth Group
2. Activities of Home of Little Life Warriors
A. Theme Talks
B. Private Tutorials
C. Art and Craft/ Story-telling/ Music Time
D. Summer Programme
E. Computer on-line service
3. Publication of Bilingual Newsletters
4. Web-site Update and Maintenance
5. China Outreach: Reaching Out to Little Life Warriors in China
A. Organize A Summer Exchange Camp
B. Provide Financial Support to Selected Programmes Organized by Counterparts in the Mainland
6. International Outreach: Attending International Paediatircs Cancer Conferences

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