Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) has published the book entitled “Living a Better Life: Stories of Outstanding Little Life Warriors”, which records the struggling story of 25 Outstanding Little Warriors, in July. Although the 25 little warriors had cancer or severe blood disease during their childhood, they finally overcame the hardships with perseverance and a positive and optimistic attitude. They could even strive continuously to make new progress and pursue for their dreams in order to contribute to society after recovery. The 25 touching stories witness that although cancer is terrible, it cannot be victorious over the tolerance and patience of the little warriors as well as the support from little warriors’ family members, friends and the medical staff.


With a view to encouraging more little warriors as well as the public, LLWS would like to deliver the book to our members. From now on, you may come to the office of LLWS during office hours (9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday) and like our Facebook as well as install LLWS’s Mobile Apps in advance or instantly to get a copy. Each family is entitled to one copy.


In addition, the book will be on sale during the book fair (19/7 – 25/7, “Ming Pao Publications Ltd” (1C-C04)) this year as well as in different bookstores (Joint Publishing, The Commercial Press, Chung Hwa Book Co.). To let you know more about the inward journey of the main characters of the book, there will be a New Book Release Presentation on 23 July and several main characters of the book will attend to share their experience with you and the others. Please come and support the event!


New Book Release Presentation

Application: Open to all readers

Date: 23/7 (Sun)

Time: 12:30 – 13:15

Venue: Grand Hall Foyer, 3/F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centr

*More details are available at or you may refer to the  timetable


Introduction of the Book

Name of the New Book: “Living a Better Life: Stories of Outstanding Little Life Warriors”

Author: Little Life Warrior Society

Publisher: Ming Man Publications

Category: Social

Price: HK$88


* For others who are interested in the book, please directly call LLWS at 3505 1262 / 3505 3987.


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