In the morning of July 24th, 14 families from the Little Life Warriors Society joined the field trip to the WWF Hong Kong Hoi Ha Wan Marine Life Center, which was sponsored by Morgan Stanley.
On the day of the event, all the participants were divided into 6 groups, each group was representing a marine animal. The groups were first led to the beach for their first activity, where they had to use a transparent bucket to find fish food and their habitats. All the groups were very observant and quickly reported their results. Thereafter, 3 volunteers from Morgan Stanley played some simple games with the participants, and led them to understand how overfishing has led to the destruction of marine life. After the beach activities, everyone walked back to the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Life Center for the second activity. Under the guidance of the staff, participants boarded a glass-bottomed boat to observe the corals and fishes which inhabit Hoi Ha Wan. Everyone was very excited and was able to identify the different types of marine life. Then, we returned to the center for indoor games, where groups were invited to complete the marine animal puzzles and matching them with the corresponding descriptions of the animals. Through the activity, the groups learnt about the Seafood Choice Guide and how they could choose the sustainable seafood in order to reduce their ecological footprint. Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to Morgan Stanley for sponsoring the event and sending volunteers to assist throughout the day. We would also like to thank the staff in the marine center, with their patience and guidance, Little Life Warriors have enjoyed a Sunday and have understood about the marine life and coastal habitats at Hoi Ha Wan more deeply.

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