On the day before Government House Open Day, 19th March, Sixty-nine LLWs and their family members visited the Government House to appreciate the beautiful flowers in the garden and the Art Performance presented by the students of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

At 11am in the morning, the LLWs and their parents arrived at the Government House, which already has 155 years of history. Under the warm welcome of Mr Yau Hing-mu, Under Secretary for Transport and Housing, we and toured with the LLWs around the garden. On the way, a guide kindly introduced to us different flowers and plants.

Afterwards, the LLWs watched the Art Performance in the Ball Room of the House. The music students of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts introduced the French horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba to the audience and they even allowed the LLWs to sit among the musicians to experience the atmosphere within the Brass Orchestra. Three students from Drama School then came onto the stage pretending to be monkeys and engaged the audience with a fun and interactive drama session. We sincere thank the School of Music and the School of Drama from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for preparing these tailor-made and wonderful performances for the LLWs.

At the end, Dr. Shing Ming Kong, Honorary Chairman of LLWS, introduced LLWS to the performers and Mr Yau, and presented some of our newsletters and publications to Mr Yau. Then, all the LLWs and performers stood under the region emblem of the HKSAR and took a memorable photo.





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