On 25th June, LLWs and their families, 196 people visited Ocean Park to enjoy a relaxing weekend.
LLWs left the nervous and serious hospital and the examination hall, went to Ocean Park, where full childhood memories, with their colleagues and families. Therefore, they were not patients nor the students temporarily and relaxed in the Park. Meanwhile, some of the LLWs with disability were accompanied with the enthusiastic volunteers from RBS Coutts Bank Ltd, Hong Kong. LLWs visited the lovely Pandas, played the excited rides, and toured the Grand Aquarium and the Symbio in the evening, which they have longed for. LLWS sincere thanks for the sponsorship of RBS Coutts Bank Ltd, Hong Kong and the offer of Charity Rate by Ocean Park, so as to more LLW families could be benefited.

小戰士參觀 海下灣海洋生物中心


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