Articles of Association

Name: Little Life Warrior Society Limited

(A) The objects for which the Company is established are —

1. To take over the management, assets and liabilities of the unincorporated

association known as Little Life Warrior Society 生命小戰士會.

2. To help and support poor childhood cancer patients in China.

3. To help and support mutual support associations of China childhood cancer


4. To help and support China in the childhood cancer education and the promotion


5. To promote and help to provide any services and benefits needed by childhood

cancer patients and child patients suffering with blood diseases.

6. To promote the physical and psychological health of childhood cancer patients as

they grow up.

(B) With a view to the advancement of the purposes mentioned in sub-clause

(A) hereof to exercise the following powers —

(a) To strengthen exchange with international childhood cancer patients mutual

support associations;

(b) To enhance Hong Kong and Chinese society’s awareness of and concern about

childhood cancer;

(c) To strengthen patients and their families on the understanding of childhood


(d) To provide non-profit activities for participation by the patients in order to

promote their physical and mental health;

(e) To promote communication, support and encouragement among childhood

cancer patients, the patients’ families, survivors and medical staff through all kinds

of non-profit activities which are held so as to achieve its objects;

(f) To educate society to concern and aware of childhood cancer and children with

severe blood diseases through publication, books and homepage of medical


(g) To hold non-profit seminars, visits and activities in order to increase childhood

cancer patients’ and their parents understanding of childhood cancers thus

improving patient care and care techniques.

(h) To enhance China’s awareness of childhood cancer and childhood severe blood

diseases through organizing various exchange activities with childhood cancer

patients, mutual support associations or other community groups in China.

(i) To assist and support the establishment of more childhood cancer patients mutual

support associations or other community groups in China, so that more cancer

families obtain the support and cancer children benefit.

Membership of the Company is divided into three categories, namely, honorary

members, ordinary members and deputy members.

(a) Honorary members (such as: Honorary President, Honorary Chairman)

(b) Ordinary members – those from the Children’s Cancer Centre of Prince of Wales

Hospital, comprising childhood patients, survivors, and their parents or guardians,

health care workers, etc. Ordinary members reaching 18 years old or above in age

may enjoy the right to vote and to be elected.

(c) Deputy members – those individuals or organizations (such as: volunteer) who

are interested in and contributory to ‘Little Life Warrior Society Limited’. They do not

enjoy voting rights and are not eligible be elected.

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