Xian Little Life Warrior Society


Attached to:Xian Children’s Hospital
Postal Code: 710003
Tel.: 86-02987692105

Xian is the capital city of the Shanxi Province and its historical and cultural heritage is world-famous. It is also the most important base for scientific research, tertiary education, national defense technologies and high technological industry in the mid-west. There are 9 regions and 4 counties under its jurisdiction, with an area of 9,983 square kilometers and a population of 7.41 million.

Xian Children’s Hospital is the biggest children’s hospital in the northwest and the only 3rd -class grade A integrated children’s hospital in Xian. It has 800 beds and operates clinical and academic research, disease prevention and health care units, including 24 haematology/ oncology clinical departments and 10 pharmaceutical units. Its affiliated units include Shanxi Province Children’s Disease Research Centre, Shanxi Province education and training centre for paediatrists, Shanxi Province children’s asthma prevention and cure centre, Shanxi Province children’s medical centre and Xian disabled children’s rehabilitation centre.

Our major development is in diagnoses and cure of paediatric oncology and because of this we have formed the Xian Little Life Warrior Society. Through organising events for child patients, we hope to encourage people to volunteer their skills in order to brighten the lives of children undergoing treatment for cancer.

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