Chengdu Little Life Warrior Society


Attached to: Chengdu Children’s Hospital

Tel.: 028-86741599

About Chengdu
Chengdu is the capital and the political, economical and cultural centre of Sichuan Province. Apart from its richness in historical and cultural legacies, the city is also listed on the state’s economic and social development plan and is the transport hub of Midwest China. It has a population of about 11 million.

About Us
In 2005, we organised a gathering for the childhood cancer patients, parents and health care workers. The Chengdu Red Cross, Chengdu Television and members of the public were invited. The event drew wide attention from the media, the public and the government. In September 2005, a medical mutual fund was set up for all children in Chengdu. Another childhood leukemia fund was set up for the benefit of 3 million children in Chengdu.

Through various seminars and fund raising activities, continuous efforts have been made by the Hematologic Oncology Department to call for public attention and support for the child patients. An annual gathering is held on 1 June every year. This year, parents joined in the ICCCPO China Parents Meeting, Guangzhou, shared experiences and encouraged each other. We also recruit student volunteers to help to provide psychological counseling for child patients. We hope that these activities will help to build a supportive environment so that the children can grow up healthily.

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