On December 20, 2015, the Little Life Warrior Choir (LLWS Choir), which is formed by a group of childhood cancer survivors, sang Christmas carols to children staying at the Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) together with Prof. Joseph JY Sung, the Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ms. Winnie Ng Wing-mui, Chairman of the Hospital Governing Committee of PWH as well as other peadiatric doctors of the hospital, with the wish of sending blessings and love through music to the children who have to stay in hospital during Christmas.

Around 30 members of the LLWS Choir, Joseph Sung, Winnie Ng, other guests and volunteers gathered outside the children’s wards and sang Christmas carols with Ukulele accompaniment. They sang popular songs such as “Jingle Bell”, “O Christmas Tree”,  “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and also an interesting Cantonese Christmas song from McDull, a famous Hong Kong local cartoon franchise. Apart from singing Christmas carols, the group aslo visited the wards to chat with the in-patients and deliver Christmas gifts. In addition, a father of one of the choir member posed as Santa Claus to deliver cookies to the patients, filling the wards with warmth, love and smiles. After visiting the children’s wards, the LLWS Choir and other guests gathered at the new block of PWH to sing Christmas carols again, which attracted many people to watch their performance and share their happiness. Denise, an in-patient of the children’s cancer ward said that she felt very surprised and happy to receive gifts. The music from the Choir has cheered up her spirits.  Jasmine, one of the members of the Choir added, “I often went to the hospital to have different treatments when I was small, so I understand in-patients’ feelings, particularly when they have to stay in the hospital during Christmas. Therefore, I join the Christmas caroling and hope to send my blessings to other children in the hospital.”

This is the first time the Chinese University Vice-Chancellor took part in carolling activities at the hospital. “I am very happy to join the activity. I am moved when I see members of Little Life Warrior Choir singing songs to encourage other children in the wards,” he said. Winnie NG concurred. “It is very meaningful to have a group of childhood cancer survivors singing songs to encourage others. They faced challenges in their lives but they have finally overcome them. The survivors now look strong and very energetic. I feel so happy and excited to sing with them, particuarly during Christmas. I will certainly come next year.”

The father who posed as Santa Claus said after the activity. “It is wonderful to see children who are not well enjoying the caroling. I hope that they can stay positive.” “It is also great to see so many survivors taking part today in helping other children to cope with their sicknesses as they have gone through similar experience previously. I think the empathy has helped them connect,” he added.

After the Christmas Caroling, a Christmas party was held for the LLWS Choir and other little warriors. Everyone enjoyed a great day.

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