LLWS will continue to launch the Ukulele Class in 2016. Details of the class are as follows:


Time: 2:30 – 3:30pm

Venue: Patient Resource Centre, 3/F, CCC, PWH

Details: Learn to play ukulele

Fee: Free

Quota: 10

Target: Priority will be given to old Students of Ukulele Class (i.e., members who have attended LLWS’s past Ukulele Class). The course is suitable for patients/survivors or their siblings who have basic understanding on how to play Ukulele or with basic music knowledge. Participants MUST be 10 years old or above.

Remarks: Participants need to bring their own ukulele to the class.

Deadline for Application: 5:00 p.m. on 7 January 2016

Application Method: Participants can complete the attached application form and return the form to LLWS by email/post/fax or in person before the deadline.

Successful Application: Participants who are admitted to the class will be notified by our staff either by phone call or email.


Schedule for the class in 2016

10, 24 January 10, 24 July
14, 28 February 14, 28 August
6 March 11, 25 September
10, 24 April 2, 23 October
8, 22 May 13, 27 November
12, 26 June 11, 18 December

**Participants will be disqualified with an attendance rate below 60%.


Through continuing the Ukulele class, we wish to help members master and improve the skills of playing ukulele and group those who love music to exchange with each other! We also wish that members of the Ukulele class can represent LLWS to have performances to demonstrate your skills!!


If you are interested in the class, please do not hesitate and act now! We look forward to your participation!!

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