As a parent, children’s growth is the most concerned subject. However, most parents do not know how to get along with or communicate with their children in today’s society, which leaves a lot of problems in their parent-child relationship. How can parents teach their children with good discipline?


In order to let parents of our little warriors understand how to get along with your children to build up a closer parent-child relationship and to make the relationship more harmonious, LLWS will invite Ms. Shirley Loo to deliver a seminar with the topic “Positive Parenting”, hoping that parents can understand another style of teaching your children so to make them grow up in a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.


Details of the Seminar are as follows:

Date: 26 November 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 10am – 11am

Venue: The Home of the Little Life Warriors, PWH

Target: Parents of little life warriors

Quota: 50

Fee: Free

Application Method: Applicants please complete the Application Form and return the form by email/fax/post or in person to LLWS. A draw will be taken if the number of families exceeds the quota, successful applicants will receive email/phone call from our staff for confirmation on or before 20 November 2017 (Monday)

Application Deadline: 17 November 2017 (Friday)

* Please note that only parents are served. Please do not bring any children to attend the seminar.


Introduction of the Speaker:

Ms. Shirley Loo is an experienced education worker in parent-child relationship and woman affairs. In recent years, she is also interested in topics about marital relationship of modern people, parent-child communication and discipline, marital relationship, pressure of urban people, woman growth, etc. She often delivers talks about woman and parent-child marriage in Canada and Australia.

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