Our Little Life Warriors were invited to visit the Government House on 18 April 2014 to celebrate the Easter holiday. On that day, our Little Life Warriors and their families set off with a thrilled and excited mood. After arrival, they first followed the staff to walk around the Government House and watch a mass of blooms on the grass. Then, participants were attracted by schools of carps swimming in the ponds. After the outdoor visit, participants had the chance to enjoy delicious refreshments with the Chief Executive Mr. Leung Chun-ying. During refreshment time, the Chief Executive went to each table to take photos with our Little Life Warriors. He then conveyed his greetings to our members and asked about their current condition. At the same time, four lively rabbits were brought to the participants by volunteers. Participants were all eager to take photos and play with the rabbits. After refreshment time, the Little Life Warrior Choir performed two songs. When the children of the choir sang the second song, they even invited the audience to follow the music to dance together, which brought an upsurging atmosphere among the audience. Finally, the visit ended up in a cheerful mood. Our Little Life Warriors were all delighted and returned home from a rewarding journey.

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